Precision engineering

We offer precision manufacturing with high speed milling and diamond machining. We provide quality solution by CMM measurement to our clients, from single piece part to large measurements and from simple geometry to 3D modelling. Our equipment capabilities include the high-precision CMM, CNC form measuring system and laser interferometer. Therefore we can solve most geometrical measurement with either contact and non-contact measurement.

Our capable personnel can handle a large number of precision manufacturing tasks based on your needs. We also participate in research in optics and photonics and take on specialized customer projects.

We specialize in precision machining of hard to cut materials such as various metal alloys, metal-matrix materials, composites, plastics, noble metals, hardened tool steels, ferrite and molybdenum.

We have precision manufacturing for the following fields of industry:

• Biotechnology: mixers, micro channels and other fluidistic applications
• Chemical industry: mixers, micro pumps, micro reactors
• Medical industry: analysis equipment
• Process industry: fluidistic applications
• Metal industry: precision parts
• Telecommunication: moulds, optical elements and precision parts

The precision engineering group has good international customer references and connections to research institutes worldwide. Our customers have been very satisfied with our work.